Hi! I live on the outskirts of San Antonio, Texas. Texas has been my home for over 35 years. I have an amazingly supportive family who all love animals as much as I do. We share our lives with Siberian Huskies. Early puppy socialization is a big part of my puppy raising program. This is where my interest in puppy development, puppy socialization and puppy training started.

I have a history with training. I grew up in a breeder/owner/handler home. My mother raised and showed, Shelties, in both conformation and obedience. Some of the happiest memories I have were participating in training classes and accompanying my mother to dog shows. A lot has changed in 30 years and I have fully embraced modern, force free training. While I am certified to teach Puppy Socialization and Foundation Training, and I have taken several online courses, my goal is to pursue my Dog Training Certification early 2022 through the DogNostics Program. I believe this will make me a more well rounded and creditable trainer.

*I am a Certified Puppy Start Right Preschool Instructor. This course included:

  • Development and Behavior
  • How Dogs Learn
  • Positive Socialization (introducing novel stimuli)
  • Body Handling and Husbandry
  • Problem Prevention and Solving including, Puppy Biting/Mouthing, Potty Training, Crate Training, Jumping, Chewing, Digging, etc
  • Confidence Building
  • Foundation Training: Attention, Sit, Down, Target, Loose Leach Walking, Place, Recall, Bring it, Leave it, Drop it, etc.
  • Adding Duration, Distraction and Distance
  • Diseases and Vaccinations

*Certified Puppy Start Right Instructor Online

*I am a member of the Pet Professional Guild

*I am a licensed Pet Dog Ambassador Instructor

*I completed VSA-Fundamentals of Dog Training and Behavior. This course included:

  • The Power of Positive Training,
  • Understanding Dog Body Language,
  • The Human-Animal Bond, Communication,
  • Choice, Training Foundations,
  • Adding Durations, and Distance,
  • Problem Solving,
  • Creating a Training Plan, and More

*I’ve completed Avidog Savvy Socialization for breeders and owners course.

*I’ve Completed DogNostics Bringing Your New Dog Home

*I am also proficient in The Puppy Culture Program (The Powerful First 12 Weeks That Can Shape Your Puppy’s Future) and many of it’s companion videos.

Puppy Culture is a program for breeders, as well as owners, trainers, veterinary staff and even rescues. This program educates on the importance of early puppy socialization. It also breaks down the puppy developmental stages and provides protocols to use to raise behaviorally sound puppies. These include:

  • Developmentally Appropriate Enrichment Activities
  • Variety of Challenges (encourage problem solving)
  • Take a Treat and Adding the Clicker
  • Manding For Attention
  • Potty Training and Crate Conditioning
  • Resource Guarding and Exchanges
  • Attention, Leash Walking and Body Handling
  • Introducing Sit, Down, Recall, Heel Position, Crate Release, and more

Here are a few resources I use to continue my education (independent study) and to keep on hand for reference.

Puppy Culture (Madcap University):

  • Puppy Culture: The Powerful First 12 Weeks
  • Attention Is The Mother Of All Behaviors
  • Shaping Emotional Responses
  • Killer Free Stacks
  • Socialization During The Cronavirus Pandemic
  • The Joy Of Singletons
  • With Open Arms and a Level Head:  How to Bring a Puppy Into Your Life

My Book Shelf: Ever Growing source of Knowledge.

  • The Power Of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller (e-book)
  • Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training For The Companion Dog by Kenneth M. Martin (paperback)
  • Perfect Puppy in 7 Days by Sophia Yin (e-book)
  • The Puppy Primer by Patricia McConnell & Brenda Scidmore (paperback)
  • Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy buy Steve Mann (paperback)
  • Easy Peasy Doggy Squeezy by Steve Mann (paperback)
  • Puppy Socialization by Marge Rogers & Eileen Anderson (e-book)
  • Social, Civil, and Savvy: Training & Socializing Puppies …. By Laura VanArendonk Baugh (e-book)
  • Before & After Getting Your Puppy by Dr Ian Dunbar (paperback)
  • When Pig Fly: Training Success With Impossible Dogs By Jane Killion (paperback)
  • Train Your Dog Positively by Victoria Stilwell (paperback)
  • The Secret Language Of Dogs by Victoria Stilwell (e-book)
  • Click to Calm: Healing The Aggressive Dog by Emma Parsons (paperback)
  • Don’t Shoot The Dog by Karen Pryor (paperback)
  • The Other End Of The Leash by Patrica M. McConnell (paperback)
  • Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson (paperback)
  • BAT 2.0 by Grisha Stewart (e-book)
  • WAG by Zazie Todd (e-book)
  • Separation Anxiety in Dogs by Malena Demartini-Price (paperback)
  • Mine! by Jean Donaldson (paperback)
  • Excel-Erated Learning by Pamela J. Reid (paperback)
  • 101 Dog tricks by Kyra Sundance (paperback)
  • And More……..

I continue to take courses, attend webinars, watch videos and read books to continue my education in puppy socialization, dog training, and behavior.

*Sit n Stay Positive is designed to introduce training foundations, address normal puppy behavior, and prevent the development of behavior problems. Sit n Stay Positive is not designed to treat serious behavior problems (such as reactivity, aggression, anxiety, or extreme fear). Please consult with your veterinarian or a licensed behaviorist if your puppy is displaying extreme behavior issues. Your puppy’s success depends on you doing your homework and working with your puppy at least twice a day.

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