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We recommend Puppy Culture to all Breeders, Shelters, Fosters, and New Puppy Parents! This program gives you everything you need all backed by science. With step-by-step instructions on what to do at each critical juncture in the first 12 weeks of life, Puppy Culture is your guide to raising your puppies to be calm enrichment seekers, ready to take on life’s challenges with love and joy to spare. Have older puppies? The science based training and protocols in Puppy Culture are perfect for puppies of all ages. MORE INFO HERE!

*Sit n Stay Positive is designed to introduce training foundations, address normal puppy behavior, and prevent the development of behavior problems.¬†Sit n Stay Positive¬†is not designed to treat serious behavior problems (such as reactivity, aggression, anxiety, or extreme fear). Please consult with your veterinarian or a licensed behaviorist if your puppy is displaying extreme behavior issues. Your puppy’s success depends on you doing your homework and working with your puppy at least twice a day.

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