Puppy Tips: Puppy Proofing

Are you bringing home a new puppy soon? Preparing for your new puppy can be exciting. It’s so much fun to shop for things like new bowls, leashes, collars, name tags, and cute toys, but I think the number one thing you can do to set your puppy up for success is puppy proofing. Depending on where you get your puppy, being inside a home may be something totally new and overwhelming. In addition to providing a quiet area for puppy to be when not supervised (small room or puppy pen set up) puppy proofing the areas your puppy will have access to will keep the puppy safe and keep your sanity. Puppies and dogs love stinky stuff, so things like diapers, socks, undies should be kept away from puppies reach, we don’t want them ingesting them and ending up in the emergency vet. Likewise medications, cleaning products, insecticides should all be locked up and out of reach from curious lil noses and lil mouths that are teething and want to chew. Being proactive and managing things in your control now will make things easier when puppy gets home.